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Puregrip Toe Straps

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2 toe straps. Buckle mounting screws not included.

Compatible with:
all Asymwrap and Fullwrap models (Black Label, Cleaver, Katana, Vice, DOD, Guild, 390 Boss, Brass, Crux, Flare)


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Thomas Manetti
Clean toe straps

Great product, much better than the originals which were disintegrating. Strong and held up up well!

Great Strap Replacement

I purchased these when my original straps broke and they've worked great so far. I used them 3 days in a row in sub 10 degree temps and they performed exceptionally well. Install was also very easy. Hard to beat these at their price point.

Perfect amount of hold!

I upgraded my old toe straps that came on my Rome SDS Boss 360 bindings, and couldn't be happier! Still get plenty of hold with these straps, but none of the over-gripping on my boots and toes. As a result, my feet feel infinitely better throughout the day! Plus, these feel like they give me better response when initiating turns and better overall stability since my boots a "locked in". Definitely happy with the upgrade!

Great toe straps !

Sleek and sturdy these toe straps hold well. A solid solution to a broken toe strap!

Kee Gillen
replacement toe straps

These PUREGRIPs toe straps are very functional. It was a bit difficult to figure out if there was a left and right strap and which was which. I tried both. Finally I matched the profile to my old toe strap(which looked closer to the PROGRIP
I have enjoyed having my toe attached to my binding again.