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390 Boss
Bigfoot with the Boss390 XL

Never felt out of control of the 170Wcm board. Reaction riding was terrific to me front or back edge. I’m just getting back on a Board in 5+years this time with my own equipment. absolutely loved them! Terrific! Size 15 Boots. Feeling really confident with this choice!

Excellent Service

There was an issue with my order and it was rectified immediately and a discount was even provided. Haven't got to ride my board/binding combo yet but I know it'll thrash hard!

Perfect snowboard

The only board I've ridden since I got it,fast, fun, nimble, very good carver, good float in powder and you can cruise the whole mountain in a relaxed way if you want, nothing more to say, good job Rome.

Isaac Eenigenburg
Overall good binding

This binding is super playful and light. I feel no discomfort while riding or unstability. There is only 1 problem i have with the binding. Occasionally when you crank the strap, the excess strap goes above the designated grooves on the top of the ankle strap. this result in not being able to take the binding off the normal way that you are supposed to. you have to undo the other side of the strap and flex the actual padding to get the strap back in the groove and then you can take it off normally. Its a pain when you accidentally do it at the top of the slope and have to sit down at the bottom to get your strap off. other than that, its a very good binding.

From Strut to Cleaver

I finally upgraded and I was super stoked about the new tech, responsiveness, and functionality of these bindings. Brand loyal for life.

Brian Heise
Rene's go to deck...

Great board. Lots of pop so be on your leg game on this one and don't think you're not riding this one without a bit of leg burn. Excellent directional deck.

Black Label
Robert Lopez
Responsive and Connected

Ridden Cartels, Step-ons, now these. Night and day difference in just one day out in the feel and connection to board. Time will tell durability, but would recommend without a doubt.

Grant Cahill
The Answer to All Mountain Shenanigans

These bindings rock! I was very surprised at how surfy and responsive these bindings are. Plus they are so comfy you won’t have any trouble riding first to last chair on these.

Great Riding Hooding

This hoodie cuts wind, has enough pockets for all of my small items, and the underarm vents are perfect for the warmer riding days.

Great park board

Great board for jumps. Have not done L jump, but definitely a lot of pop on S and M size jump, also side hits. It feels not much pop on slower speed, but once the speed is right, the pop starts to show up. On jibbing side, easy to lock on the feature and forgiving too. The only downside is that the board is not holding high speed well due to the flex, while it’s not what the board is designed for.

Great board for getting outside!

My style of riding is casual all mountain riding with high technique. I love laying down a hard carve and moving fast just flowing across the mountain and this board performed. What I liked is that is that it felt agile under foot but held and solid edge with no problem. I also didn't experience any chatter at speed (got it up to 49mph according to tracker). Very happy with this purchase!

Uprise Split
Remi Pronovost
Great Uprise surprise

Not my first Rome snowboard, but first splitboard. I own a Ravine Which I like and was interested in the uprise for the similar camber and the reasonable price.
First ride I tried it in a double diamond in the woods and was surprised with its behavior. Agile, precise and stable. Good combination of stiffness and profile.

Nice Toe Strap

Really nice Toe Straps who are a good update for my old 390 Boss!!

Really Nice Old Bindings Upgrade !!

Everything's in the title.
Give a new life to old Rome Bindings, adding more confort
Love it

Pop, Lock, & Drop.

This board is a high speed popper and a jib locker. It’s super light with a solid edge hold and flex that won’t wash out on even the most gnar park stomps. You can hammer through thick slush and chunder like nobodies business. You’ll be saying,”Look out below,” with this bad boy.

Ankle Ladder Strap Set
Brad Ferguson
Nice ladders

very nice ladders! They're smooth, easy to engage, but most importantly they stay out of the way and don't get trapped under your boot when stepping in.

Perfect to keep old bindings new

I’ve had a pair of 390 for years now and everything but the ankle strap has held up. Super pumped Rome offers replacement parts.

Best riding of my life

Usually would wait longer before leaving a review, but after one day on these I can confidently say they are the best bindings i’ve ever ridden. They totally leveled up my riding and boosted my confidence.
I spent time tweaking with all the customizations to really get them dialed in and it was so worth it. Comfortable, powerful, responsive… and they look dope too!

Pureflex Ankle Strap
Joseph Salem
Great Upgrade!

I was able to freshen up my old 390's worn out ankle straps. They Work Great!

Replacement footbeds

Quick and easy swap.

Great replacement

This things are better than I thought

Such a sick board

Do your self a favour and buy one! Go on treat yourself ! Board dose everything and more !

Hella pop

The speed and pop on this board is insane! It has just enough flex to bang out some steezy presses and the vrod carbon stringers in the nose and tail give you more pop than you know what to do with! The sintered base will have you flying like a bat out of hell! 10.10/10 !

Perfect for Rad Dads!

Rome Agent 158W LE
Love this board. I’ve been riding full camber over the years but wanted something mellower for slow speed days with the kids. The fusion camber is catch free and helps keep you out of trouble as the legs get tired on those end of the day runs. The base is fast and you can still charge with this board. This board really does it all and makes me feel like a better rider. Super stoked on the 20th anniversary LE graphic.

Stale Fish
Jack Caron
My favorite snowboard

This thing is a dream