Rene Rinnekangas

Who are you and where did you first start snowboarding?

My name is Rene Rinnekangas, I’m 21 years old, born and raised in hillbilly town of Finland :)

Why snowboarding? What drew you to it? 

I started snowboarding when I was 4 years old. My brother Riko started shredding first and I think I just had to try it out because everything He did was the coolest thing ever. Still a big fan!
To be honest I don’t really remember those first days too much but since that I have been in love with snowboarding! Thankful for Riko forever!

Would you rather: Grab method, Grab Japan or Grab Stalefish?

I wish I could say method but I feel like my method is not the coolest so I’d rather choose Japan :) Always really nice to do some rotations with that grab as well!

What does your dream boarding trip look like? Who’s coming and where are you going?

I have been filming few years with two of my really good friends Jarssi and Tatu now and I feel like every trip with those guys has been super nice. I have learned a lot from those guys about snowboarding and life in general. So, I would love to go to Japan with this crew and of course bring other good friends and riders there :)

What are you listening to these days?

I have been listening a lot of different type of music lately, same old rock n roll and Kätfish of course but during last Christmas i got a gift from my mom, it’s a CD with some gospel music, not sure if its only Christmas songs but it’s insane! Really happy about that CD, thank you mom!

In your opinion, who is the greatest snowboarder of all-time? 

That’s really good question. So many amazing riders so it’s really hard to choose one but I think Kazu Kokubo has inspired me so much lately! A lot of energy and style of course in his riding. He is the king of snowboarding.