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We believe that responsive snowboards just ride better, period. From unsinkable powder vessels to burly double kink destroyers, these snowboards are responsive tools for mountain induced escapism.


Camber profiles

We offer 4 different camber profiles on our 2022 snowboards:

  • Free-the-ride snowboards
  • Contact Rocker snowboards
  • Fusion Camber snowboards
  • Stay Positive Camber snowboards
Rome Snowboard Free The Ride Camber

Free-the-ride snowboards

Designed for all-mountain prowess and float in the deep. Rockered in the nose, flat under the front foot, with a positive cambered tail.

Rome Snowboard Contact Rocker

Contact Rocker snowboards

Flat camber between the bindings with rocker outside the bindings; smooth flexing and pressable.

Rome Snowboard Fusion Camber

Fusion Camber snowboards

Positive camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points; the modern go-to for all-mountain performance.

Rome Snowboard Stay Positive Camber

Stay Positive Camber snowboards

Powerful and predictable, tried and-true camber.

Snowboard shapes

The Rome snowboards 2022 line features 3 different shaping constructions:

  • Directional snowboards
  • Directional twin snowboards
  • True twin snowboards
Rome Snowboard Directional Shape

Directional snowboards

snowboards with significantly longer noses than tails, typically featuring taper to help keep them nimble and floating in deep snow. Directional boards feature camber profiles that are oriented for all mountain snowboarding.

Rome Snowboard Directional Twin Shape

Directional twin snowboards

Snowboards designed with slightly longer noses than tails, but with both symmetrical sidecuts and symmetrical camber profiles. Directional Twin snowboards are well-suited for riding switch and all mountain marauding.

Rome Snowboard True Twin Shape

True twin snowboards

Boards built with fully symmetrical specs; sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles and nose and tail lengths. True twin boards are great for riding switch.

Rome Snowboards 2022

At Rome snowboards we pride ourselves on making gear designed to keep every rider grinning all season. From peak to park, piste to pow, groms to resort employees who ride 100 days a season, something for everyone. Built to keep you on hill longer, tweaking harder and loving every time you strap-in. We’ve organized our collections into a mens snowboards collection, womens snowboards collection, kids snowboards collection & a splitboard collection.


Whether you've got a question about the Rome snowboard line or need to check in with warranty, we've got you covered.

Simply start a live chat or send a message to our rider support here.