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The Rome bindings collection is all about adjustability and connected comfort. Designed to have the freedom to tweak and the power to carve.


Binding Customization

We make the most customizable snowboard bindings on the market, built with space age materials and durable, riding-first designs. Rome bindings have a Customization score. 1 means least customization options & 10 means you have the most customization options we can feature.

Riding style

We believe that everyone rides better and enjoys snowboarding more when their snowboard bindings are adjusted to their riding style. We divide Rome bindings into playful & precise binding feel.

Snowboard Binding innovation

Our binding philosophy has always been about riding first innovations. Whether that means exploring new materials, new strap configurations or completely rethinking how a straps can be positioned, we are constantly asking riders inside the Syndicate what we can do to improve our bindings. New for the 21/22 season, we have overhauled our AsymWrap platform to make it even lighter and more sturdy.

AsymWrap vs FullWrap

We have 2 different platforms that we feature on all our bindings. The fullwrap is our most powerful frame providing a precise boardfeel. The AsymWrap platform is our more surfy, tweakable platform, designed for minimum footprint on the board which allows for advanced levels of board feel.

Rome AsymWrap Snowboard Binding


Redesigned for this season; featuring an upgraded 20% lighter baseplate, with the same surfy ride, maximum board feel and minimal footprint. This baseplate is lighter and stronger than its predecessor.

Rome Fullwrap Snowboard Binding


Our bombproof chassis; designed for durability, maximum power transfer and stability at speeds.

Snowboard Binding Ankle straps

Rome bindings feature 4 different types of ankle straps:

Rome Proflex Snowboard Ankle Strap

Proflex Ankle Strap

Rome Pureflex Snowboard Ankle Strap

Pureflex Ankle Strap

Rome Ultralight Snowboard Ankle Strap

Ultralight Ankle Strap

Minishred Ankle Strap

Snowboard Binding Toe Straps

The 21/22 Rome bindings feature 2 different types of toe straps: the Progrip & Puregrip toe strap:

Rome Progrip Snowboard Toe Strap


Rome Puregrip Snowboard Toe Strap


Rome bindings 2021-2022

The 21/22 Rome bindings line includes 9 mens snowboard bindings, 4 womens snowboard bindings, & 2 kids snowboard bindings. We feature a full line up of uniquely designed bindings to ensure that your Rome Bindings will complement your riding style and your kit.

New Snowboard Bindings

New for this season, we added two new models to our 2021-2022 rome snowboard bindings line. Meet the Brass & The Ace.


Whether you've got a question about the Rome snowboard binding line or need to check in with warranty, we've got you covered.

Simply start a live chat or send a message to our rider support here.