Welcome to the Pro Team: Keegan Hosefros

Growing up in Waterbury, VT right around the corner from the Rome office: Keegan Hosefros has always been on the Syndicate's radar. A unique breed of rider from day 1, Keegz has never been one to shy away from any terrain. Making his start at Sugarbush Parks helped sculpt his creative eye for features, ability to rip in inclement conditions, and effortless style.

Gotta earn your turns There is a Method to Keegz' madness

In a homecoming of sorts we here at Rome are beyond stoked to welcome Keegz to the family. The perfect representative of the All Ways Down spirit, we look forward to working with Keegan and seeing what comes next for the young ripper.

Welcome to the Pro Team, Keegz! Make sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up with his boarding.

Photos from Max Lyons of Keegan on his Welcome trip in Austria earlier this season.

Lights good, do anything! Pretty easy to be stoked with conditions like that
Keegan Switch Backside Rodeo
Check out Keegz' full Welcome to the Team video below!
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