All Ways Down: Wunderbar photos

All Ways Down: Wunderbar photos

If you haven't seen All Ways Down: Wunderbar yet you're missing out. We brought Vermont boys Casey Savage and Ralph Kucharek to meet up with Martin Laesser and Len Jorgensen in Austria. With inclement weather all winter leading up to our trip we weren't sure if we were going to have anything to ride. On the edge of cancelling the trip altogether, we decided to stay the course and send it to Austria. 

The crew was rewarded with the best pow Austria had all year. Unlimited refills all week long led to a helluva trip where the story tells itself. Take a look below for some photos from the trip courtesy of Michael Paddock and Yannick Roodhuevel.


The crew
Len Backy
Everyone loves a laid out backflip, just ask Len



Casey Savage eyeing it up Casey Savage tree jib
Casey eyeing up something Savage Yeah...that was definitely Savage



Stale Fish glory

Len Jorgensen pow face

The Stale Fish was the board of choice for the deep Austrian powder

Just ask Len. Dude was getting barreled all trip



Ralph indy
Ralph Kucharek teaching lift riders what a proper indy looks like



Len pow Martin pow
Len seconds before entering the white room Martin and his board: like Picasso and his brush



Martin Laesser Len Jorgensen cab 5
This jump provided for the crew. Example A: Martin Laesser Example B: Len Jorgensen. Take notes kids



Would ya just look at that beautiful sight?


The boards of choice for the crew in Austria were the Stale Fish, Rene-Gade, and Service Dog. They were also holding it down on the Katana and Black Label bindings.


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