The purveyor of playful all-mountain good times

    The fan-favorite Ravine is a versatile all-mountain fun-haver. Built with a mellow yet responsive flex, our Directional Diamond 3D nose and plenty of taper for responsiveness and float on deep days. The Ravine loves to feast on a pow day but has a freestyle feel that makes days between storms just as fun.


    Designed for all-mountain prowess and float in the deep. Rockered in the nose, flat under the front foot, with a positive cambered tail.


    Taper 7.5mm

    All-mountain marauders.

    Taper is featured in directional boards built with wider noses than tails, helping with agile turns and added float in deep snow.

    Diamond 3D

    Designed to increase float in deep snow, improve handling in variable terrain, smooth turn initiation, reduce edge catch and complement all-mountain riding in all-senses.

    Carbon HotRods

    Two thin rods of carbon milled into the boards core in the tail for responsive and powerful snap.

    Board Contents
    Triax Glass

    Fiberglass running in three different axes, built for torsionally rigidity and added snap.

    Pop Core

    Our most versatile and durable core, built with alternating strips of 20mm strips of poplar and 20mm strips of paulownia.

    Biax Glass

    Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

    SinterStrong Base

    The new go-to, this hardworking base is easy to fix with great wax retention. A low maintenance daily driver for riders of all ability levels.



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    Boot Size:


    RAVINE Specs

    SIZE (cm)     152 155 158 162 166
    CONTACT LENGTH (mm)     1093 1121 1148 1185 1222
    EFFECTIVE EDGE LENGTH (mm)     1163 1191 1218 1255 1292
    WAIST WIDTH (mm)     254 256 258 260 262
    TIP WIDTH (mm)     302 305 307 311 315
    TAIL WIDTH (mm)     295 297 300 304 307
    SIDECUT (m)     7 7 8 8 8
    REF. STANCE SETBACK (mm)     15 15 15 15 15
    INSERTS     2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     493 493 519 519 519
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     19 19 20 20 20
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     613 613 639 639 639
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     24 24 25 25 25
    WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION     67 73 79 87 95

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Stuart Haynes
    Best snowboard I’ve ever owned

    Took this out over the Christmas period in the Alpes (France). Was lucky enough to hit some powder first day and the Ravine glided through it with ease. It was an absolute pleasure to ride this board through powder, I was worried that a 155 board (I’m 5’10”) would be too short, but with the extra width in the nose it was awesome.

    On piste performance was equally as good. I’ve ridden for almost 20 years but this was absolutely my best board experience. This board has everything, speed, control, and loads of pop, you can effortlessly lift it off the ground making it great fun.

    The only negative was it’s grip on early morning hard groomers, which were difficult to catch an edge on, but I hate this type of snow anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered.

    On the whole an awesome board, I can’t wait to get out there on it again later this winter.

    Colin Cederna
    Shreds Absolute Gnar

    I have been riding Rome my entire life (20 years of pow). This is my third Rome board in my life because the things last so long! This past April I rode this board for a week in Utah and had the time of my life on a 166, an absolute pontoon boat out there. Not only can it float, but it can also carve corduroys. My last Rome board was the My Little Pony board from 2008? legendary graphic. Much love Rome <3

    cory stosich
    She goes

    This shape is the future of snowboarding great board for all mountain I wouldn't bother wasting your time taking it on groomers
    she's meant to go big backcountry or deep days riding of piste very fun and playful with plenty of freestyle feel yet big mountain mentality waiting to go hard. Now pair it with the cleaver for ultimate setup.

    Bennet Giblin
    Great board for everything

    I absolutely love the new Rome ravine. The shape and flex is perfect it’s a wider board and stiffer than I usually ride but I love it. Rome really outdid themself with this board. It is perfect for carving and on deep pow days and even is great in the park. This is my new go to to know I’m going to have a great day in a great board

    Super fun snowboard, extremely versatile

    This board is awesome, from early morning groomers to tree runs this board handles everything.